Out of everyday life arise strange, confusing incidents, almost as if there were no everyday life. An agency called ‘ARTHUR’S SERVICE’ procures MODELS, but nobody mentions that they really are such. There’s no fee arranged, and their talents are not directed at any canvassed product.

They help with the struggle against something threatening underneath the thin layer of everyday life, which may drag its victims into darkness at any moment. Something like a mighty ubiquitous organization, against which one can hardly defend oneself. In this book that organization is described as exact as possible, that is, the details that count:

Its unforeseeable changing outlines, and its great coldness.

Inseparable entangled as in old heraldic figures are the Models’ ACTION, beauty and warmth, light source and flame-thrower all in one, and hardly ever exhausted as we others are. Rather like Gunvald Larsson.

Perhaps their victories are never final. Perhaps it’ll be an eternal fight, and they don’t want it to be otherwise, because they are made for that eternal fight.

If they wouldn’t exist, our terrain would be covered more and more by advancing coldness, despite the general climatic warming.